Brainchild – Poster Wall – 5 optional posters


Brainchild poster wall which consists of 3 optional posters in size 50×70 cm. and 2 optional posters in size 30×40 cm. You can freely combine your favorite posters at a unique price. Design your own unique poster wall with our popular poster motifs The Egg, The Pine Cone and The Swan, or fall in love with our other poster motifs as The Ant, The Papa Bear, The Drop, the Peacock and The Snowdrop.

Poster wall without frames: 315 EUR
Save 30 EUR

Poster wall + frames: 580 EUR
Save 45 EUR


The poster wall in the picture measures about 150 cm. width and 125 cm. in height. You should be aware that the poster wall in the picture is an example and it does not necessarily include the posters that you have selected. You must choose the motifs in “Poster 1 - 50×70 “Poster 1 - 50×70”, etc.

About the poster wall:

  • 3 optional posters in 50×70 cm.
  • 2 optional posters in 30×40 cm.
  • Printed on the highest quality paper

We frame your posters for you when you shop online, so you just have to concentrate on where on the wall they are going to hang. Our poster frames are available in:

  • Brass-colored metal
  • Light oak
  • Dark oak
  • Black painted oak