Brainchild wooden figurines

At Brainchild, we interpret well-known Danish furniture classics as wooden figurines. Our series of wooden figures are carefully crafted and consist of The Egg, The Swan and The Drop. The figurines are decorative both together and separately. The wooden figurines from Brainchild are an exclusive and humorous feature in your interior design. Below you can see the different variants of our wooden figurines.

Danish design

Our wooden figurines are Danish design with unique details.

A complete experience

The wooden figurines are delivered in a nice box and are therefore also suitable as a gift.

Good quality

Our wooden figurines are made of solid mahogany.

The Swan Figurine

What came first, The Swan or The Egg? In this case, The Egg Figurine came first, but the successor in the form of The Swan Figurine lives up to the previous high standard.

The Swan Figurine is related to The Egg Figurine and the Drop Figurine. The Egg Figurine and The Swan Figurine speak the same language, as the starting point for The Swan Figurine’s body and wings has been to turn The Egg Figurine 90 degrees. The Swan Figurine is an exclusive reinterpretation of one of the greatest icons of Danish furniture design, The Swan, designed by Arne Jacobsen.

The shape is soft and elegant, it is simple, yet detailed.
The wings of The Swan have an elegant function where they can be tilted up – and out from The Swan’s body, and thus the whole shape’s expression changes.

The Egg Figurine

The Egg Figurine is a literal interpretation of the Danish furniture classic, The Egg, designed by Arne Jacobsen. The Egg Figurine is the first wooden figurine from Brainchild. The figurine is related to The Swan Figurine and The Drop Figurine. The Egg Figurine is simple and exclusive. The round soft shape appeals to both the eye and attracts hands.

The Egg Figurine is Danish design of the highest quality.

The Drop Figurine

The Drop Figurine is the latest addition to Brainchild’s family of wooden figurines. With its soft, organic shape, The Drop Figurine is the perfect companion to The Egg Figurine and The Swan Figurine. The four-legged wooden figurine spreads humor and aesthetics in your home like rings spread in the water.

The Drop Figurine is a literal interpretation of the Danish design classic, The Drop, designed by Arne Jacobsen. The soft and elegant shape of The Drop creates eye-catching and invites touch.

With its chubby body and slender tip, The Drop Figurine heads Brainchild’s range of exclusive wooden figures.