Brainchild store in Aarhus

In March 2021, we opened our new store in ‘Æggepakkeriet’ in Aarhus. In the store you can experience the Brainchild universe and get inspiration for decorating your home with Brainchild. In the store we sell a wide selection of our popular posters, wooden figurines and other home accessories. Our sweet and competent staff are always ready to help you.

The history of Æggepakkeriet

The building is named after the old egg packing, which was built at the exact same place in 1939. For more than 30 years to come, eggs were packed in the building. The story of the old egg pack lives on as it stands shoulder to shoulder with the three new buildings of the same name. ‘Æggepakkeriet’ is a combined residential and commercial building that connects the old Aarhus with the new Aarhus K. Three buildings of different heights, consisting of apartments, small shops and an urban immediate environment, create space and life for the people who live and operate in ‘Æggepakkeriet’

‘Æggepakkerier’ is a dream location for us. Even before the first sod for the new buildings was taken, the founder of Brainchild, Martin, dreamed of selling his products in ‘Æggepakkeriet’ Martin’s dream came true, and today eggs continue to be packed in ‘Æggepakkeriet’, but in a more modern version interpreted by Brainchild.

Brainchild used to have an office in the neighboring building, the diverse and creative ‘Godsbanen’, where several of our well-known poster motifs are designed. We therefore have a local connection to the area and we are happy to be part of the urban and creative Aarhus K again.