Poster frames

You also have the option to buy poster frames for your Brainchild posters. If you choose to buy frames for your posters, we frame the posters for you – then the posters are ready to hang up on the wall of the living room, in the bedroom or a completely different place in your home where you need some decoration on the walls.

Safe delivery

We deliver your order, so you can receive your package quickly and safely from us. All prices are inclusive of customs duties and VAT.

Including framing

We frame your posters at no extra cost if you buy frames for your posters.

Safe packaging

We will send your framed posters with safe packaging so you can safely order.

Frames for your posters

Our wooden frames are made of solid oak and are of the best quality on the market. Our brass-colored frames are made of metal. You can buy frames for our posters in the same sizes as our posters can be found in: A5, 30×40, 50×70 and 70×100 cm.

Sizes A5, 30×40 and 50×70 are with real glass. Size 70×100 is with thick plexi glass. The poster frames are available in light oak, dark oak, black painted oak and brass-colored metal.

If you want to buy a poster with a frame, find the desired poster motifs and choose the frame along with the poster. If you want to buy frames without buying posters, buy the frames above.

Choose the right poster frames

You can choose to make your picture wall consist of poster frames of the same color – this way you get a clean expression on your wall. If, on the other hand, you want your image wall to reflect spontaneity and a bit of randomness, you can choose to make up your picture wall with poster frames in different colors.

If you want to give your picture wall a mild and soft look, you can choose to frame your posters in our light oak poster frames, while our dark oak poster frames can give a warm look to your picture wall. If you want to give your picture wall a modern and timeless expression, you can choose to frame your posters in our black painted oak poster frames.

If you are unsure which poster frames to choose, we recommend you to choose our brass-colored poster frames at any time. The frames fits well with all our motifs, and gives a stylish and exclusive expression in your interior design.

Frames for your poster wall

The choice of poster frames for the picture wall in your home can have a great impact on what expression the wall conveys.

Someone chooses the colors of the poster frames based on what color wood their other interiors in the home are. Others choose the colors of the poster frames based on which color they think suits best to the colors of the posters they should have hanging on the poster wall.

It can be difficult to imagine how the colors on the poster frames look like in interaction with our posters. Inside the individual posters, you can see how that poster looks with our four different kinds of poster frames.

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