Brainchild canvas print

The motifs are printed on a cotton canvas, which is strung up on a blind frame and then mounted in a floating frame. Among other things, the cotton material helps to ensure that the colors of the print appear clear and brilliant. A canvas print from Brainchild is timeless and a long-term investment that you can use as wall decoration in your home décor for many years to come.

Danish design

Our canvas print is Danish design of the highest quality for your home decor.

Improves acoustics

Brainchild canvas print help create a plesant acoustics in your home.

Safe packaging

We ship your canvas prints with secure packaging so you can order with confidence.

Canvas print in high quality

The high quality is one of the characteristics of a Brainchild product, which of course also applies to our canvas prints. They are specially manufactured in Denmark, which helps to ensure that the color reproduction and the properties of the canvas are among the best on the market. The canvas prints are also resistant to UV light, which ensures that the colors do not fade over time.

Once the motif has been printed on the cotton canvas, it is stretched out on a blind frame and then mounted in a floating frame of your choice. Our canvas prints are available in 3 sizes: 50×70, 70×100 and 100×140 cm. The frames are available in 2 different variants: Gold-coloured and black.

We only produce the canvas print when you order it. This means that you will always receive a brand new one that is printed specifically for you. The delivery time is 8-12 days and it is ready to be hung on your wall, directly after delivery.

Canvas print improves acoustics

Brainchild canvas prints are for those of you who want a nice interior design and better acoustics in your home. The Brainchild canvas print consists of a cotton canvas which is strung onto a blind frame. This creates an air space between the canvas print and the wall, and the canvas print acts as a soft membrane that dampens the sound waves in the room.

Good acoustics are important for your well-being in the home, as poor acoustics turn into noise. Acoustics is a word for how sound behaves in a room. The design of the room and the materials in the room are important for the room's acoustics. Bad acoustics occur when the sound waves are thrown around the room without being slowed down by a soft material. If most of the surfaces in the room are hard, the sound waves will be thrown around and create a harsh and resounding sound. Brainchild canvas prints are particularly good at slowing down the sound waves and thus creating pleasant acoustics in your home.

The difference between posters and canvas prints

The canvas prints consist of a cotton canvas stretched onto a blind frame and then mounted in a floating frame. The canvas is therefore not placed behind glass, and you do not achieve the natural reflections and glare that glass has.

The posters are printed on a quality paper and framed in a poster frame with glass.

Our canvas prints and framed posters are both quality products, and the one product is not better than the other. They are just two different types of products which can be chosen according to which expression you like best in your home decor.

In the picture you can see the difference between a framed poster and a canvas print. The motif at the top is a framed poster and the motif at the bottom is a canvas print. If you want to see the difference between the two products in reality, you can visit our Brainchild store.

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