A literal interpretation of Danish furniture classics

Danish design is everywhere. Denmark is known all over the world for good design. The Egg, The Artichoke and The Swan are just a few examples of Danish classics that have become part of our Danish identity. At the same time, they are examples of words that no longer only have the original meaning attached, as they are also names of recognized Danish furniture classics. Therefore, it is often these classic furniture that naturally pops up in our thoughts when, for example, we hear the word ‘Egg’. The furniture classics have now become so iconic that they are primarily the ones we think of when we hear the words.

We take the words literally and follow the design classics back to the original – back to the original meaning of the words. We’re called Brainchild because the word means ‘an original idea’. For that reason, our motifs are named ‘Original’.

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Danish design for everyone

Our mission is to bring back the original philosophy behind the Danish furniture classics and make Danish design accessible to everyone. The time period from 1920 to 1970, calledDanish Modern, became the most popular furniture era in Danish design history to date. Common to all the furniture and objects is a timelessness and an immensely high quality, which is why the furniture is still sought after to this day – both nationally and internationally.

One of the original philosophies behind the design of the time period was that the functional furniture of high quality should be accessible to all. Today, the furniture is prestigious collectible in the high price range. Names like Arne Jacobsen, Poul Henningsen, Hans Wegner and Verner Panton have well deservedly become big brands whose furniture for many people is unattainable.

With an eye for humour, aesthetics and respect for the furniture, we at Brainchild want to bring back the original philosophy behind the classics and make Danish design accessible to all.


Brainchild is a protected trademark, all our products are protected by copyright law and our wooden figures are design-protected.

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