Brainchild posters

Our posters consist of the motifs The Egg, The Pine Cone, The Swan, The Drop, The Ant, Flowerpot, The Papa Bear, The Pelican, The Peacock and The Snowdrop. The posters are available in several different styles, background colors and sizes. We print our posters when you place your order – this means that you will always receive a brand new poster.

High quality

Our posters are printed in Denmark on paper of the highest quality.

Including framing

We frame your posters at no extra cost if you buy frames for your posters.

Safe packaging

We will send your framed posters with safe packaging so you can safely order.

Our design parameters

The two most important design parameters in our concept are the humour and aesthetics. With the design of our unique poster motifs, we have managed to combine the two design parameters.

Therefore, we believe that when you choose to decorate your walls with Brainchild posters, you choose to bring humor and aesthetics into your home.

Our posters are available with several different motifs, styles, background colors and sizes. The posters are available in sizes A5, 30×40 cm, 50×70 cm and 70×100 cm.

The aesthetics of our posters

The Danish furniture classics, especially from around the middle of the 20th century is original and aesthetically unsurpassable . The furniture is timeless and represents a form of national identity for most Danes.

In our view, not many furniture has since been designed, which can match the acclaimed classics from that period. We seek to capture the same good aesthetics and original expressions in our posters.

The minimalist design helps to make our posters aesthetically beautiful. The simplicity of our poster motifs makes the posters suitable on the walls in most modern homes.

Our posters are designed in a graphic highly detail. The qualitative production method of our posters ensures that the beautiful details also is visible when the posters are printed.

The implied reference

With the implied references to Danish furniture classics, the humour is to be found in our posters. We take the words quite literally and follow the Danish furniture classics back to the original.

It sets in motion the marvelous connections of the brain, and the associations begins to swing like a pendulum. Sure, we see the original meaning, but we also get to interpret the literal.

When you decorate your home with our posters, you reflect that you have humor and are design conscious.

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